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ANavS GmbH is a leading company in the development of high-precision positioning solutions using a tightly coupled sensor fusion and artificial intelligence/machine learning approaches for map generation and object tracking.

The core of the ANavS positioning systems is a modular and flexibly configurable sensor fusion of GNSS, inertial, odometry, camera and lidar measurements. The innovative positioning algorithms have been developed and patented by ANavS and incorporate the latest RTK / PPP (including compatibility with the latest Galileo high-accuracy service) and AI methods.

The main ANavS products are the multi-sensor RTK/PPP module, the RTK base station and the Integrated Sensor Platform (ISP) with 3 integrated GNSS receivers, an IMU, a wheel odometry interface, 2 cameras, a 3D lidar, an LTE module for receiving RTK corrections and several processing units for sensor fusion and AI.

ANavS products have a wide range of applications in the automotive, robotics, automation, marine, railway, aerospace, agriculture and mining industries.

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