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OHB Digital Solutions offers GIDAS, a system capable of detecting and evaluating interference with satellite navigation signals.

GIDAS (GNSS Interference Detection and Analysis System) detects jamming, the deliberate drowning out of signals, spoofing, the sending of distorted GNSS signals, and also other interference signals which affect the GNSS signal.

GIDAS evaluates and documents the interference and can send warnings.

At typical locations for the system, busy roads and GNSS-dependent infrastructure come together. A large part of the observed interference currently comes from trucks whose drivers mask their position by jamming the on-board navigation system. An increase in the number of disruptors in the form of cars with mandatory eCall systems that are not desired by the driver is to be feared.

Lange-Electronic is a sales partner of OHB Digital Solutions GIDAS System in Germany. Our topics are monitoring and testing of navigation signals and the provision of precise time and frequency – also in the vehicle.

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