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Represented on the test track: Yes

VEHICO is a leading manufacturer of driving robots for vehicle testing.

As a customer, you can not only choose from a broad portfolio of driving robots in all performance classes. You also have the unique freedom to have the driving robots parameterised according to your very specific needs.

VEHICO robots are easy to operate, can be put into operation immediately without lengthy parameterisation and can be used universally. From simple adaptations to completely individual test scenarios, everything is possible due to the openness of our robots.

Around the world, more and more car/truck/bus and tractor manufacturers, suppliers, testing facilities, authorities and research institutions are enthusiastic users of VEHICO driving robots.

With Kistler as a globally active sales partner, we offer our customers not only a close network of highly qualified support engineers on site, but also a unique product range of robotics and measurement technology for driving tests.

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