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Humanetics is the world’s leading provider of crash test dummies, simulation models, test equipment, ergonomic software and advanced sensor technologies. The group employs a total of over 900 people at 21 strategically located locations around the world, with the corporate headquarter in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

For more than 70 years, Humanetics has made it its purpose to Protect Humans in Motion. With the growing importance of ADS and ADAS, the active safety line was added a few years ago.

This includes, among other things, various state-of-the-art mobile robot platforms, also known as UFOs (Ultra-Flat Overrunable Platform Robot), which enable testing of the latest accident-avoidance systems under realistic conditions via remote control and GPS connection. The platforms range from small platforms such as the UFOnano, with which realistic pedestrian behavior can be imitated through 2D maneuvers, to platforms for testing PTW tests at up to 90 km/h, to large platforms which imitate cars in road traffic. The portfolio is completed by mobile robots (DrivingRobots), which can take over the control of the vehicle.

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Humanetics Austria GmbH
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