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Moshon Data has a wealth of over 18 years of knowledge and experience in ADAS testing. Applying this knowledge, we develop and manufacture soft targets for multiple vehicle applications.

Our eclectic range of soft objects are optimised to appear real to the sensors of the vehicle such as camera, radar, and LiDAR, thus providing car manufacturers with reliable, robust, and safe solutions to test their vehicle safety technology against.

Our product range includes; static and moving vehicle targets, 3D vehicles (3 pieces or 6 pieces), vespa scooter, e-scooter, motorbike, adult pedestrian, child pedestrian, animals, road furniture such as walls, kerbs, and junctions, and more.

Whether you need the official NCAP/ISO standard or non-standard option, Moshon Data can assist.

To expand on the scope for active safety testing, we also take pride in our capabilities of designing and manufacturing custom targets ranging from, military decoys, truss structures, and highway traffic vehicles, to name a few.

Also providing training and consultancy services in advanced driver assistance systems.

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Moshon Data Ltd.
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