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Positronix’ field of activity is the testing of sensors for autonomous driving in the automotive industry.

This includes the acquisition of roads and their surroundings with position display hardware – imaging systems such as cameras as well as LiDAR and laser scanner applications and metrological recording of the data with special vehicles.

Consulting, conception and realization for data acquisition for the automotive industry and infrastructure operators such as highway authorities, road construction offices, municipalities, public authorities or the police, are also covered by Positronix. The area of expertise here is the acquisition and testing of sensors on the vehicle or in the traffic area and the documentation of the road area as well as the development of software modules for the visualization of the data. These can be used in industry as well as in road maintenance, planning, inspection or inventory.


XenomatiX designs true solid state lidars based on a unique multi-beam laser concept and mature, scalable, semiconductor technology. Its solutions are built to improve road safety and road comfort.

XenomatiX offers different product lines to serve different industries and applications: the pavement surveying system, XenoTrack, collects and processes 6D data ideal for pavement digitization and inspection, and pro-active suspension; a lidar plus GNSS system designed for all-around mapping, the GPC360; and, to push forward autonomy, XenoLidar, a true solid state lidar which delivers high resolution and accurate point cloud data for perception capabilities.

XenomatiX products have been recognised by international competition programs like the IRF GRAA award, the CES Innovation Award and the Geospatial Excellence Award.The company employs about 50 employees in Belgium, France, US and China, and has a solid global distribution network.

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