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The Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving (ALP.Lab) is the one-stop shop for testing automated driving functions and entire vehicles – with a Euro NCAP test track just 250 km from Munich.

The test region in the heart of Europe includes testing facilities on private and public test tracks. As part of Safety Labs Austria, ALP.Lab is Austria’s Euro NCAP test laboratory for Active Safety Tests.

  • In Penzing, ALP.Lab, together with partner AVL, presents the Smart ADAS Analyzer. This test software for NCAP & homologation tests supports test engineers at the test site in the preparation, execution and reporting of ADAS tests.
  • Together with DEWESoft, ALP.Lab presents innovative logging possibilities of CAN bus data during the execution of ADAS tests – supplemented by a LiDAR-based ground truth system plus UHD map. This enables e.g. continuous data recording from object detection to standstill of the vehicle, including validation of the sensor data.
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